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Last updated: 17/07/2003

Site Design Requirements

When considering a web site it is important to know what to provide designers.
As a guide here is list of what we require customers to consider and to provide (in some capacity),
in order to carry out web site design quickly and efficiently:

1) List of systems & resources

PCs and current OS. Connection used to access the Internet & email.
(i.e. ISP info, and connection method)
Software currently in use for possible web integration.
(e.g. databases)

2) Design Specification

Site objectives - general.
Site content - general
Site style - an idea of how the site should be presented. (Optional)
Site constrains - an idea of what you don't want on the site (redundant info.).
Site features - an idea of what functions are specifically required.
(I.e. domain name, email, on-line ordering, on-line database etc.)

3) Content resources

Logos, company graphics and photos.
List of current products with graphics/ photos (i.e. current catalogue).
Company description & relevant news, literature etc.
Any other relevant documents.
Reliable contact address (phone, email, post).
Known web site links needed for your site.

4) Design Requirements

Time constraint - When the site needs to be up and running.
Domain Name options.
(E.g.  or
Access to Software for possible web integration.
Consideration of new software which maybe required.
A choice of a Clear Light Designs solution(s).

This list will hopefully stimulate you to consider what your company needs from a web site.
And what benefits your company expects by joining the on-line internet community.

Thank you,

Clear Light Designs Team

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