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Clear Light Designs - Web Solutions Packages

(USA Prices - $)

Hosting costs

Basic hosting
- upto 20Mb  $220 p.a.  ($20 pm)

Advanced hosting - upto 50Mb  $450 p.a

Advanced hosting includes more features for ecommerce.
(Including SSL & PGP)

Domain Registration

Registration and server set up for one name $30 (one year) or $40 (two years).

Site Design costs

Pure Web
(No e-commerce, databases etc) $300 - $800*

Pure Web Lite (Designed for small sites) $200

Data Web
(Data base integration)** $1000 - $2000*

Ecommerce solutions

Ecommerce Solution $1000 - $1750
(inc. shopping cart & online ordering)

Advanced Ecommerce ** $1750 - $3000*
(as above plus database integration )

Super Ecommerce *** $2000 - $4000*
(as above with online credit check and bank integration)

*(All costs are ranges due to variations in site size and complexity)
**(Dependent on viable integration with CURRENT database)
***(This does not include Merchant Account fees from online credit companies (typically 7-10%).
We can integrate shopping carts with any credit processing service you choose.)

Site Advertising

Web Search

We will automatically register your site with up to 40 search engines.
(Free to all customers of Clear Light Designs)

Web Banners
Banners are what you see popping up across the top of many sites.
We can also construct sophisicated Web Banners for your site, including animations, scrolling text etc.
We will then include it with many online advertisers and related sites.
Cost: $200 - $300, plus advertisers fee.

Site Update Options

All costs are for a year, unless stated otherwise.

Blue moon

We will up date your site once a year!
(at 20% of initial site cost per year)

Seasonal Change
Updates every quarter. (at 30% of initial site cost per year)

New moon
Updates every month. (at 50% of initial site cost per year)
(online database recommended)

Half moon
Updates every two weeks. For fast changing sites and companies!
(at 80% of initial site cost per year).

If you need to update this quickly an online database would be a better option.

On a Need to Know Basis
This is an ideal option if you dont know when you'll need to change your site, but know it will be needed!
It allows for 2 to 10 updates a year at 10% of initial costs per update.
(a minimum of 20% of initial costs per update)

Flat Rate
We are quite happy to work out with you a flat rate for updates,
dependent on your specific site and circumstances.

Clear Light Designs Team