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Hosting Solutions

UNIX/ Linux Hosting

At the present we can host sites requiring MS Front Page, ODBC, JSP and CGI programs.

Our basic account costs $25 per month. (space 15-20Mb)

UK hosted accounts cost £15 per month. (Space 10-15Mb)

With this we provide a number of email boxes, auto responders and email aliases. Also one month is FREE, if bought per year.

NT Hosting

NT server options with ASP - T.B.A.

Advanced Features

We can provide SSL and PGP for use with our ecommerce solution.
For larger accounts than 20Mb, please contact us.

Domain Name Registration

Why have a domain name?

On the Internet most sites have domain names, although many pages are in fact a subdomains or directories of another domain. So why have a domain? Well the truth is you don't require a domain to have a web site. But, like a sign or logo it helps your site get noticed though the search engines. And it's hits to your site which creates traffic and business.
Think of it as a signpost - the clearer and more original your domain is, the more traffic (Hits) it will attract.

Registering domain types

We can register many different domain types depending on your business or interest. Here are some examples of domain name types:

(USA or world-wide Company)
(UK Company)
(UK Limited Company)
(Organisation - non-profit making)

(Any site or company)


Domain Registration costs

Depending on your company or interest and location we can register a domain to fit your needs.

.com  .net  .org - registration and set-up $75  (£50)
.com  .net  .org - registration and set-up for TWO domains $125  (£80)   - registration and set-up £30

Choosing a Domain Name

A Domain name needs to reflect your company/ interest, but also needs to be as concise as possible. If the name is too long or complex, people will forget it. So, short, snappy and relevant is better.

Characters allowed in a domain name are 'a' to 'z', '0' to '9' and '-' dash.
Some domain names are now using capital letters, but as a rule most are lowercase.

So, use your imagination to come up with the right domain, and if that is taken you can always add a dash with your location.
(e.g.  or

Web Design

Pure Web Lite
- Basic Web design package

(1-5 pages, including some Custom Graphics and back grounds, a CGI form with basic javascript, and search engine submissions.)

Pure Web
- Standard Web design package

(As many pages as required, Custom Graphics, Animation's, Flash Intro's, CGI scripting, email to fax, and any other features you may require...)

Data Web
- Data Base Integration with a web site

(As Above, plus Data Base integration using ODBC and ASP. We can use many different Data Bases such as MS Access, FileMaker, MySQL, and any other ODBC compliant Data Base files. Even if you do not have a current database we can create one for you!)

Ecommerce Solutions

Basic Ecommerce

We build you a Shopping cart for your stock items, using standard web pages. Orders and credit card info are emailed or faxed to you for processing using your own credit card machine/ company. (This can be configured to work with on-line credit systems too). We recommend this solution for small ecommerce sites with limited stock items, which require only a small amount of maintenance.

Advanced Ecommerce

Shopping cart with database integration. Either we can integrate your own current database or we can build a new one specifically for your on-line products. This more sophisticated solution is ideal for a small to medium sized company with 30+ stock items to sell. Again credit card orders are faxed or emailed to you for processing.

Super Ecommerce

Shopping cart with data base integration and on-line credit processing. This is ideal for companies wishing to sell on-line as a business. Every thing is handled online. All you receive is a completed order after the credit transaction has gone through. (Though you will be billed per transaction or per month, depending on the on-line credit company you choose)


Ecommerce Security Issues

Ecommerce is booming, and so unfortunately is internet fraud. Everyone knows that email and web forms can be unsafe for credit card information.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

For this reason we can provide PGP encryption for ecommerce orders. This is one of the best and simplest encryption methods for email and sensitive information. We can also offer UK Customers PGP email to Fax, where your encrypted order is decoded into a fax which you can read as normal. This is a convenient way of ensuring Internet safety without requiring PGP software on your PC.

SSL & Certificates

SSL, or secure sockets layer, is a way that encrypted information sent via a browser to a web site (server). The information is then decrypted by the server, so it can be processed on-line or emailed as an order etc.

Certificates verify you have a gunuine site and indicate to the user that the site is safe for sensitive information. We can provide a certificate for your site, or you can buy your own. Usually you only need your own certificate if you have a medium to large ecommerce site.

We can provide PGP, SSL and Certificates for all ecommerce and data sensitive sites. For more information please contact us.

CGI Scripting

What is a CGI script?

CGI, or Common Gateway Interface, is a means to access server applications and programs via a browser or other internet program. At present browsers use mostly HTML which supports limited programming features. With CGI, programs run on a server, and have no such limitations. This makes complex tasks and other applications all possible over the internet.
E.g. ecommerce shopping carts, chat rooms, email. (All use CGI in some capacity)

Server Side Includes (SSI)

These are CGI scripts embedded in a web page which can change or add to the content of the page. This is very useful for fast changing sites.
E.g. calendars, clocks, hit counters etc. Many news sites use SSI's to automatically display the latest news stories...

Custom Scripting

We can write custom CGI scripts and Server Side Includes for your site to achieve optimum performance. From a simple feedback forms to a fully functional on-line data base. Maybe your site needs to change rapidly, or needs to display different data at different times of the week...
All this can be done with CGI.



Using Images

Graphics are an integral part of web site design. For this reason we take special care in designing the graphics which work well with your site. These can be anything from simple images, to complicated animations.

Photographs are also used extensively on the web. We can take your images and manipulate them to show there best, whilst reducing their file size to make your site fast.

Custom Graphics

Most people need custom graphics on a new site. We can design themes and styles of graphics to suit your needs and reflect your interest or business. And what's more, it's all included in the package we quote to you.

Advertising with Web Banners

Banners are what you see popping up across the top of many sites. We can also construct sophisticated Web Banners for your site, including animations, scrolling text etc. We will then include it with many online advertisers and related sites of your choice.

An advertising fee is usually be required for Banners, although some sites now offering Banner exchange (Where your site hosts banners from different sites in return for your banner being hosted on other sites for free.).




Interactive Sites

Now it is increasingly common to see interactivity in web sites, apart from stylish rollover images etc., there is much more that can be done to make sites more attractive to users, so that they stay longer. For example, chat rooms, bulletin boards, background music, simple games and puzzles, services (fax, email forms, guest books), Quicktime movies and Flash animations. All these and more can be combined to make a truly interactive site.


Using Javascript is an efficient way to make sites interactive. For example rollovers images, pop-up windows (remotes), form checking and many other unique effects and stylish interaction can be achieved with Java Script.

Flash Movies

The advantage with Flash movies is size and speed. Complex and quite long movies can be constructed, which can load quickly even through a modem connection. For this reason many companies are using flash for Intros to sites, and for interaction. CLD can create Flash movies for your site, combining music, text and stylish graphic animations.


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