At Clear Light Designs, we strive to be increasingly Creative and Inventive with our solutions...

One of our strengths in the design phase is the unique approach we take towards each client's particular site. A unifying theme for all the web pages is a good starting point. Whether it be a simple yet original background, or custom graphics (designed by our team), we strive to make each website distinctive.

Our designs for navigation buttons, customer forms and overall website performance enable your internet visitors to conveniently find services and products in a visually pleasing format. 'Surfers' are also attracted by unusual site features that warrant further exploration.

For clients wishing to garner prime internet attention we offer movie and sound introductions created with Flash software. A potential customer's first glimpse of your dynamic website may be all that's needed.

Other animation's may be subtly added to different sections of the site so that they prove to be attention holding features instead of annoying distractions. Whatever your website needs or desires, we can provide a reasonably priced yet highly attractive solution.

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